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just plug it and drive it.

What is Wallbox?

It is illogical to charge your vehicle using the same plug with which you load anything else.
This is why we have created Wallbox, a next-generation system designed to optimize the loading of electric and hybrid vehicles, reducing the loading time, reducing the costs of your energy invoice and allowing you to make the most of your car.

aparato wallbox

This is just the beginning ...

  • Automatic software updates and personal MyWallbox area. With your Wallbox always up-to-date.
  • Wifi connection and remote technical support. We help you solve any charger issues without leaving your house.
  • It easily adapts to any home installation, yielding the highest performance for your home charging.
  • Customizable touch screen.
  • Easy to install.
  • Attractive and ergonomic design.
  • Compatibility with all electric and plug in hybrid vehicles in the market.
mywallbox screenshot

mywallbox screenshot

Your Wallbox always connected

  • Internet access via WiFi or Ethernet.
  • Access to “MyWallbox”, a personal area designed for you to control your energy consumption, adjust your charger settings and access a number of services.
  • The Smart Charging System allows your Wallbox to automatically charge your electric vehicle at the time when energy costs are lowest.
  • Wallbox operates with a communications system that meets the highest security and encryption standards.


Copper Cable


The combination of technology, size, design, functionality and connectivity in the world's most advanced charging station system. Copper has Visual recognition and Sense technology that allow you to interact with the charger in a more natural way.

Commander Type 1


The future in your hands.
Its advanced technology and its many features make Commander one of the most sophisticated load devices market.

Pulsar Type 1


The latest technology and the most compact design gather in the Pulsar to offer the most unique charging device in the world.
And all this at a unique price.