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New release myWallbox portal 2.0

Welcome to the next level on managing your Wallbox charging station: the release of the myWallbox Portal 2.0 is a major upgrade on the user experience.

Get connection to your chargingpoints. View their availability, charging speed, and added range. With the myWallbox Portal 2.0 you will always have the control of the electricity provided to your electric car.

Charging your car and getting the charging logs has never been so easy!


The features are:

  • Real-time information about the status of the connection

  • Real-time information of your electrical grid

  • Real-time information of your charging speed, charging time and instant speed

  • It shows your vehicle's added range (km)

  • It shows your vehicle's added battery (kWh)

  • Remote control of your charger by lock/unlocking to control the use

  • Remote control of your charging speed

  • Get the calendar with your charging logs, consumption, added km,  cost and added battery.

  • And there will be many more features to come..


If you want to take a look, but you are not a Wallbox customer yet, you can do so by using the demo account.

You will be able to enter here using the following username and password:

  • Username:

  • Password: demo