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Who are

It is always difficult to define oneself, but in our case it is very clear. We are creators, and we have created Wallbox. A company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of charging solutions for electric vehicles, based in Barcelona and with a global vision. We believe in sustainable transport and believe in its efficiency and practicality in every way, that is why we are committed to a simpler and more attractive process for your electric vehicle charging.

Our team is composed of designers, engineers, computer scientists and programmers who firmly believe in another way of doing things. People who struggle every day to meet the needs of our customers, taking care of every detail and striving for excellence in all our products and services.

Wallbox is also active on the communication field as we like and try to share our news with the world.

Below you will find some articles about us that have been published in the press:


We believe in another way of doing things.
We believe in functionality.
We believe in a sustainable future
and we believe in you to help us draw.