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How much energy does Wallbox use? Will my electricity bill increase?

Wallbox was designed to offer the highest performance and lowest power consumption during the charging of your electric vehicle. The electric consumption of your charger will depend on a series of factors: kilometers travelled each day, power installation available, etc. In any case, energy costs of owning an electric vehicle are significantly lower than for a combustion engine vehicle.

Can Wallbox be installed at any residence?

Wallbox can be installed at any home that is equipped with an electricity network. Our devices adapt to any type of installation and voltage.

Are Wallbox chargers portable?

Our chargers are not mobile. They are designed to offer maximum performance and thus, must be always connected to a fixed electricity network.

Is Wallbox compatible with all brands and models of electric vehicles?

Our chargers have been tested with all electric and plug in hybrid vehicles on the market to ensure its functionality. Thanks to Wallbox remote upgrades our products will also be functional with electric vehicles that are still not available on the market today.

Are Wallbox software updates completely free?

All of our software updates are entirely free.

What’s Wallbox warranty?

All our products come with a 2 year warranty.

Can I monitor Wallbox from my smartphone?

We have an app with numerous functionalities that will allow you to control your charger’s performance and access all data of your MyWallbox from your smartphone.

Does Wallbox require any accessories?

Both Commander Type 1 and Commander Type 2 come with all necessary elements for its correct installation and performance.

Does Wallbox provide a customer service department?

Our customer service department is made up of a team of technicians and specialists that are available to assist you in all your needs. For any doubts or questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I use Wallbox anywhere in the world?

Wallbox products are designed for usage in Europe. If you wish to use any of our products outside of the European region please contact our customer service team.