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First version MyWallbox

The first version of MyWallbox personal space is already available.

In this space you will enjoy the following features:

- Charging process real time information: Using a PC or other mobile devices with internet connection, you can remotely visualize your charging process status. 
- Charging logs: All the charging processes made during the last week, month or year can be checked. All the information about the different chargings made, will be available, which means that you can control the energy consumption for any period of your choice.

If you want to register, just send us an e-mail to with the subject " MyWallbox account request " including the following information:
-    Name
-    Surname
-    E-mail for the MyWallbox account
-    Charging station serial number 

If you are not a Wallbox customer yet, but you want to check the MyWallbox environment, just easily  click on "demo“ at the MyWallbox menu that you can find at