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Wallbox at the eCarTec in Munich from 18 till 20 octobre

The eCarTec fair, to be held in the German city of Munich between 18 and 20 October, is one of the most important European fairs dedicated to hybrid and electric vehicles.

In this year's edition, Wallbox will officially present some of its current chargers and the current product development, among you will find:

Portal "myWallBox"

A personal area designed specifically for the managers of charging points where you they can control the sessions and have access to historical consumption, set the charger and to access other services such as smart charging.

The portal allows to manage both individual users to large numbers of chargers in any type of facility.

To interact with other systems, the OCPP protocol is part of the integrations available.

WallBox Commander

The only product on the market with WiFis connectivity and management features via touch screen; allowing automatic software updates to have your Wallbox always up to date.

With a customizable user interface, the user can also access program loading and see the real-time tracking of kilometers added to the vehicle.

With an output of up to 22kW, available in Cable Type1 and Type2.

WallBox Pulsar

The smaller and smarter EV charger in the market.

Wall Box Pulsar is designed with Bluetooth connectivity that provides data about the charging process when the user approaches the charger.

Features such as activation of recharging, energy consumption control, automatic software updates, etc .... make it unique in the market.

With an output of up to 22kW, available in Cable Type1 and Type2.

About Wall Box Chargers

Wall Box Chargers is a company dedicated to design, manufacture and distribution of recharging solutions for electric vehicles, based in Barcelona, and with a global vision.