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Pay less for charging your electric vehicle with Wallbox

The electric tariff with time discrimination is a rate where the electricity price differs depending on the hour you consume it. The goal of time discrimination is to prevent electric demand peaks, benefitting, with a lower price, those users that transfer their electricity consumption from the hours with the highest demand towards the lower demand hours, when the production and distribution of electricity is cheaper.

For an electric vehicle user this is an important factor as it allows to adjust and reduce the cost of charging the vehicle until 65% if they use that rate system.

Although some models of various electric car producers incorporate mobile applications that allow to manage programmed charging for different schedules, not all of them incorporate that function and not in all of them it is possible to also manage the charging power (speed) and adapt the schedule per day of the week.

The Wallbox Pulsar and Wallbox Commander allow to charge, schedule and manage the necessities of the daily charges to be able to enjoy the benefits of charging at night without concerns, while visualizing the status of the charging process even on vehicles that do not have embedded mobile app.*

In addition, thanks to the remote control, chargers can be installed in any location (private houses, community car parks, office parkings), allowing their locking and unlocking with just a a simple click.

Vehicles without mobile app*:  Smart, Mercedes, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Ford, Peugeot Citroën