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Earn money by using the new version of the myWallbox Portal


The latest update of the myWallbox Portal allows individual and corporate users to download single and extensive CDR (Charge Detail Record) reports with just one click.



From now on, thanks to the latest update on the myWallbox Portal, you can easily have access to all reports of the charging sessions by downloading the information of a given period to a file.

When, How Long, How many kwh, How much time, etc…. are the answers to the questions of how the charging infrastructure is being used.

Thanks to the CDR file, individual and corporate users can also get easily reimbursement from charging station operators or companies by using this standardized file towards the managements systems.

In addition, you can always get the information below:

  • Real-time information about the status of the connection

  • Real-time information of your electrical grid

  • Real-time information of your charging speed, charging time and instant power

  • It shows your vehicle's added range (km)

  • It shows your vehicle's added energy (kWh)

  • Remote control of your charger by lock/unlocking to control the use

  • Remote control of your charging speed


If you want to take a look, but you are not a myWallbox user, you can do so by using the demo account.

  • Username:

  • Password: demo