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Engineer Intern

Job description

At Wallbox, our engineering team focuses on how to get our work done most efficiently, balancing many factors including time, available technology, actions we need to take, achieving the end product with no errors, workers' safety, environmental concerns, and cost.

An exciting opportunity including engineering tasks consisting of development, analysis and compliance with current regulations. You will be performing analysis on existing flight hardware, assisting in the design and development of future hardware, performing analysis for both completed and future launches, test, systems engineering, mission integration, quality assurance, system safety, launch operations and production operations.



  • Supporting the engineering team in testing and development of new and existing products.
  • Review production schedules, engineering specifications and regulations, process flows, and other information to understand methods and activities in manufacturing and services.
  • Assist in bettering the manufacturing of parts and products, with maximum efficiency
  • Support the Certification process. Schedule and organise testing procedures to assure the fulfilment of standards and norms during before putting it into the market.
  • Supporting engineering team as they work with customers and management to develop standards for design and production.
  • Support in designing control and testing systems to coordinate activities and production planning to ensure that products meet quality standards.
  • Assistant in getting goods from a company to customers.


  • Currently pursuing a degree in Engineering
  • Strong attention to detail and reporting methodology
  • Strong researching and resolution skills
  • Strong communications skills both written and verbal
  • Ability to work independently and flexible hours in a fast paced work environment

About Wallbox

Wallbox is a startup whose main goal is to design, manufacture and distribute innovative charging systems to support the advent of sustainable transport. Our aim is to accelerate the change into a more sustainable way of transportation by providing a comprehensive, simple and effective solution for the charging issues among electric vehicles. 


Wallbox is focused in helping the EV industry make electric and plug in hybrid cars an attractive alternative to more traditional ways of transportation. In addition, Wallbox is reducing customer efforts during the purchasing process of EVs and PHEV's. With Wallbox, the customer will conceive the charging process as simple and usual as we think about filling our cars with conventional fuel.

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